Saturday, February 16, 2013

5 Things I'd Like to See in 2013

As we all anxiously await what plans Phish has in store for 2013, I'll take this opportunity to mention a few things I'm hoping to see in this big 30th year.

1. Starting the Summers Indoor- I think last year's start in Worcester was huge for setting the tone. Phish played an incredible Ghost->Boogie On that all fans should memorized in their head by now. They kick started the whole year with a Buried Alive opener and reprise encore. There were also amazing jams like the Roses are Free. Phish is always fueled by the energy of playing indoors, and I think opening the summer indoors would be a perfect start to their 30th year. Here's to wishing they play Nassau Coliseum, 10 minutes from my backyard, once again.
Nassau Coliseum

Gorge Amphitheater

2. Return to the Gorge/Vegas- Last we heard at the Gorge was another outside Boogie On, featured as part of the best sequence in 2011, Rock n Roll-Meatstick-Boogie On. After taking a year off from the Gorge, it's time to return there for some fantastic August music. Additionally, it's been a long time since Phish played in Sin City. There's no better time to revisit an old friend than in the band's 30th year, a year that will undoubtedly be special.

Vegas Baby Vegas
3. Fall Tour/Halloween- It's been short touring years recently but there needs to be a Fall Tour and Halloween this year. After a two year break, it's time for some music when the leaves fall. It'd also be interesting to speculate where Halloween could be. My picks are Atlantic City again, Boston, Brooklyn or Atlanta.

4. Build on 2012- They need to keep with the momentum of the jamming they produced all summer long. When the summer first started, it seemed like no matter the show there was always a special bright moment in each show that truly stood out and made each show unique and special. By the time the second leg started, the band had built on the momentum from earlier and produced the most inspiring music in years starting with the Rock n Roll epic journey in Long Beach and culminating with Dick's. It's time to keep building forward and hit a new peak in 2013 of Phish music.

5. Ode's to Phishtory- We got a glimpse of what could be in store for this year when Phish staged a runaway golf cart marathon at MSG. They set out to stage one in Kung over twenty years ago and now, they finally did one in reality. I hope that throughout the year, Phish continues to bring more songs, more stories and more memories to life as they celebrate 30 years of magic. Whether it's Gamehendge, in depth Harpua's, more improvisational sets, themed sets or just pure original jamming, there's no doubt that 2013 will be a special year of Phish.

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